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"Tell him
That when he becomes a man
He should revere the dreams of his youth."

— Friedrich Schiller

Jesse boydreid

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"What is aura actually? A strange weave of space and time: the unique appearance or semblance of distance, no matter how close the object may be. While resting on a summers noon, to trace a range of mountains on the horizon, or a branch that throws its shadow on the observer, until the moment or the hour become part of their appearance - that is what it means to breathe the aura of those mountains on the horizon, that branch."

— Walter Benjamin, A small history of photography

"By close-ups of the things around us, by focusing on hidden details of familiar objects, by exploring common place milieus under the ingenious guidance of the camera, the film, on the one hand, extends our comprehension of the necessities which rule our lives; on the other hand, it manages to assure us of an immense and unexpected field of action. Our taverns and our metropolitan streets, our offices and furnished rooms, our railroad stations and factories appeared to have us locked up hopelessly."

— Walter Benjamin - The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction