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Cynthia, adding a new series to STUDIO

November 2013 : Los Angeles, CA
© amanda jas

Jean de Pomereu

“Traveling through this ice-scape felt like entering a lost city, resembling Atlantis, where the icebergs replaced monumental ruins. They evoked a sense of eternity – as if time had stopped. The icebergs also spoke of cycles and the transience of all things. To me, the ice crack represents and embodies the first fissure in this world of stillness and silence: The first dramatic sign of the coming spring breakup of the sea ice.”

Kemi Mai aka Drawinds is an 18 year old artist painting with pixels instead of a brush. She’s using Photoshop and a tablet to create her amazing expressive works. Specializing in female portraits, the British artist often sets her subjects against surreal settings, incorporating geometric shapes or nature elements. Kemi is a self-taught artist who has been painting for almost two years.

 Chloe Early

“What do we worship these days? I decided that in these works I want to transcend all the background noise and elevate my figures out of the mundane and into a more celestial space, suspending them there for the viewer and for myself.”

Jonni Cheatwood, Grace Series

Illustrations by Maria Nguyen